Tenant Representative Service

If you’re in search for Retail, Office Space or just renewing your lease, we can save you MONEY!
Our service is free of charge to you!

If you are in search for space or renewing your lease in the State of Texas market, National Realty Advisors can help you and save you money or we will pay your first month rent if a deal is made. National Realty Advisors is able to assist you and your company with your Leasing Plans or your Lease renewal, because of our in-depth knowledge of the Texas Real Estate Market place.

We have identified within the Texas markets every major, sub-major shopping center and strip center. We provide complete comprehensive site packages in a professional, Tabbed, Color Coded notebook form to our clients, which includes: Site Information, Site Plans, Floor Plans, Building Elevations, Maps, Aerials if available, customized Demographics, and Full Scale Color Competition Maps.

Our goal is to assist you or your Real Estate Department by recommending the appropriate sites for your successful growth in Texas. Our recommendations are based on the statistical information that we collect and analyze and share with you for you to be able to determine the best suitable Real Estate Opportunities.

As your Tenant Representative we will do the following:

1) Develop an overall negotiation strategy (with time table) for your company.
2) Provide a fact sheet describing your site criteria for your renewal or new lease plans.
3) Make contact with all landlords in the target market.
4) Commit man hour to your assignment. Provide status reports of deals in process, site submittals, and inquiries.
5) Lastly, we will canvass, canvass, and canvass. We have more manpower than any other representative firm in Texas canvassing and networking every retail centers and office corridor.
6) Most important of all, our services is free of charge to you, it cost you nothing at all.