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National Realty Advisors is a MLS National Low Flat Fee Real Estate Brokerage Company.

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You can save tons of money selling your house for sale by owner vs using a real estate agent. Save on paying real estate commissions.

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Flat Fee Listings, Instead of charging a percentage commission for each transaction, National Realty Advisors Flat Rate Listing service offers property owners several services to choose from.  We allow property sellers to save thousands upon thousands of dollars.  With our flat rate listing service, we give our clients the power of choice, and our clients recognize that they are getting a real savings.

We are Nation Wide, our name say it all, National Realty Advisors.  Placing your property in many databases, and many other search engines like Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, Aol.com, Yahoo.com and Google.

There have been surveys that showed that over 80% of property shoppers now use the internet.  The only way to get your property listed on Realtor.com is through a Real Estate Agent or Broker who is a member of your local Multiple Listing Service.  Realtor.com and many other Real Estate websites collect the data from the local Multiple Listing Services to display to their users.

Greater exposure means higher selling price and faster selling times.  Flat Rate Listing give you the ability as a property owner to sell your property faster and for a higher price.

By not listing your property in multiple services you will be missing out on 80% of property buyer’s.  Everyone knows that increased demand cause prices to increase.  If more buyers are aware that your property is on the market, it stands to reason that you will receive a higher response and more offers.

Why use our services, listing with a traditional Real Estate Firm, you usually agree to pay a listing commission of 6% which is due at closing and deducted from the proceeds of the sale of the property.  Half of the proceeds (3%) goes go to the listing broker or agent and the other half (3%) goes to selling broker or agent.  If the listing broker or agent sells your property without a buyer broker or agent involvement, their company receive the entire 6%.

If you use our company, instead of paying the listing portion of the commission, 3% of the gross sales price of your property, you pay a flat fee rate.  With savings of thousands upon thousands of dollars like these, it is easy to see why flat fee listings have become more popular.
As property Seller and Buyers have become more informed, sophisticated, and computer savvy, the role of a full service Real Estate Agent or Broker is becoming less necessary, and the property owners are saving thousands of dollars by doing the selling them self.
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